Friends of the Legal Resources Centre of South Africa (FoLRC) held its first annual gala in New York City to raise awareness in the United States about the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), South Africa’s largest public interest law firm. The LRC provides legal services to the poor and vulnerable, without charge, in the areas of land and housing rights, children’s rights and education, environmental justice, women’s rights, HIV/AIDS and social services, and refugee matters.

FoLRC Chairman Teresa Clarke said, “We were thrilled to have an opportunity to honor four individuals – Harvey Dale, Loretta Lynch, Deval Patrick, and Scott Wallace – who have fostered human rights, connected the vulnerable to justice, strengthened social and economic rights, and empowered the ‘common man’ throughout the world.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2017 FoLRC Lifetime Achievement Award to Harvey Dale, University Professor of Philanthropy and the Law at New York University and Director of NYU’s National Center on Philanthropy, for his unwavering commitment to establishing social justice and fostering human rights in a democratic South Africa.

Global Leadership Award

The 2017 FoLRC Global Leadership Award to Loretta Lynch, 83rd Attorney General of the United States, for speaking on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable and connecting them to justice.

Justice Award

The 2017 FoLRC Justice Award to Deval Patrick, Bain Capital Double Impact Managing Director and 71st Governor of Massachusetts, for advancing justice throughout South Africa and the United States by strengthening social and economic rights for all.

Courage Award

The 2017 FoLRC Courage Award presented to Scott Wallace, Co-Chair of the Wallace Global Fund, for empowering the common man – the people – to demand open and accountable government.